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By Mike Sannes, CA LIC #01445693

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big bear real estate:
a quality investment


Owning an investment that greatly enhances your quality of life is a very enticing combination. In addition to a Big Bear vacation home being a quality real estate investment, you can also enjoy an alpine sunset while barbecuing on your deck and wake up to fresh snow in the yard.?These are just a few of the priceless experiences that owning real estate in Big Bear can provide.


the future of big bear real estate remains bright

Big Bear offers a perfect mix of amenities that appeal to an ever-increasing population of Southern Californians and an enormous population of retiring "Baby Boomers."? As people come to discover and love the uniqueness that is Big Bear, demand should continue to increase. Since supply remains limited, this combination should lead to a healthy recipe for Big Bear's real estate market in the future. An indication of the potential can be found in the real estate values of other, more mature and established, resort destinations. Most are priced considerably higher than current prices in Big Bear and many are without the considerable and expanding population driving-distance away that Big Bear enjoys.

The future for our market looks bright. Let me elaborate:


  1. limited growth

  2. limited new supply

  3. increasing demand for unique resort environment

The key fundamentals of supply and demand, of course, drive our unique resort market. However, an investment in Big Bear real estate is driven by different dynamics than more traditional 'primary residence' real estate markets. The Big Bear Valley is entirely surrounded by National Forest and that limits growth, which in turn limits new supply. Coupled with increasing demand for all that this beautiful valley offers, the market has held up well in recent years and should continue to prosper in the future.


  1. 2 ski resorts, offering the best local skiing

  2. clean air, cooler temperatures

  3. 300+ days of sunshine a year
  4. public lake

For a 'get-away' within reach, which insures more opportunity for use and enjoyment, Big Bear is unlike any other destination in Southern California. Our two ski resorts offer the best local skiing available hands down. Our clean air, cooler temperatures in the summer and 300+ days of sunshine, combined with a beautiful and public lake, make it an increasingly desirable destination for the enormous and expanding population below.


  1. conveniently located, within a short drive of over 20 million people

  2. expanding southern californian population

Big Bear is located within a three-hour drive for over 20 million people. The expanding population in Southern California from San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, provides Big Bear with its abundance of visitors and property owners.


  1. new development focuses on high-end, large-lot homes

  2. "baby boomer" demand is impressive

The new smart growth development that is taking place here in Big Bear is primarily high-end, large-lot building that will help the value of real estate in the valley. The demand for these newly developed areas has been impressive. Why? Well, this question touches on what is projected to keep this market humming in the future: The largest and wealthiest generation in history ever is about to retire. They have been called "Baby Boomers." And they have already begun, and are projected to continue, to invest in Big Bear as it is close, but yet so unique and amazing, to all that lies below the mountains.